Call for Presenters! NEOCMN seeks presenters for continuing education programs for nurses, case managers and social workers. Topics include, but are not limited to:

We are open to new and innovative ideas for programs.

Presenters are required to submit the following information:

  1. Conflict of Interest Form-2015 ANCC
  2. NEOCMN Objective-Outline Form - List Educational objectives that describe learner-oriented outcomes that may be expected as a result of participation in the educational activity.

    Objectives describe knowledge, skills, and/or practice changes that should occur upon successful completion of the educational activity.

    Content for the educational activity must be congruent with each objective. Descriptions of content may not be a restatement of the objectives. Content is the information that the learner must learn in order to meet the objective. Content should be selected based on the most current available evidence.

    References should support quality of evidence chosen for content. Examples include but are not limited to evidence-based practice, literature/peer-reviewed journals, clinical guidelines, best practices, and content experts/expert opinion.
  3. PowerPoint Presentation – PowerPoint presentation to be converted into a PDF file with 3 and 6 slides per each page for learner handouts.
  4. CV or Resume
  5. Short Profile - The short profile is used to introduce the speaker to their audience.

Proposals are reviewed on an annual basis for general meetings and for the annual conference.

Submit proposals to NEOCMN, P.O. Box 461044, Cleveland, OH 44146-1044 or